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Ventrac Products

The 4500 Series

Ventrac  4500Y- Articulating 4WD Tractor, all terrain tires, ROPS, 25HP Kubota diesel engine, 12 volt front plug kit


Ventrac Model 4500P- 4WD Articulating Tractor, 31HP DFI liquid cooled Kawasaki gas engine complete with foldable ROPS, standard seat

Ventrac Model 4500Z- 4WD Articulating Tractor, 32.5HP Kubota gas engine with fold-able ROPS, and on board diagnostic system


Optional Accessories for the 4500:

  • Turf or bar tires

  • Cold weather cab

  • Additional Lighting

  • Electrical Power Outlets

  • Digital Slope Indicator

  • 3 Point Hitch

  • Dual wheel extension for slope

  • Many more!

Ventrac Snow Debris & Removal:

  • Snowblower

  • V-Blade

  • Broom

  • Turbine style blower

  • Many More!

Ventrac Turf Attachments:

  • Contour Decks

  • Tough Cut mowers

  • Vacuum Collection System

  • Many More!

The SSV (Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

Ventrac SSV-- This new vehicle will make it easy to clear sidewalks of ice and snow. With its 36" width it can fit into tight areas as well. There are several accessories you can add to it as well to help you take on winter!


Horst Ventrac

The 3400 Series

The  Ventrac 3400Y  is a 4WD articulating tractor, 22HP Kubota diesel engine, all terrain tires, complete with full cab, heater, lights, flashers, defrost fan, 12 volt front plug kit.


Optional Accessories for the 3400:

  • All terrain or turf tires

  • Cold weather cab

  • Additional Lighting

  • Electrical Power Outlets

  • Drop Spreader

  • Much more!

Some more pictures of Ventrac Tractors and Atatachments

Check out Grant on the SSV

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