Turfco Products

Spinner Topdressers

Wide Spin 1550 Tow-Behind Topdresser- 14HP gas engine, 15-30 foot spread width, remote actuator manual control for spinner

Truck Mounted Wide Spin 1550 Topdresser- 3 position switch, 4 programmable presets, onboard rate calculator; instantaneous belt and spinner speed control

Truck Mount 1550

Drop Style Topdressers

Mete-R-Matic IV Topdresser tow type- 60" width, 1 cubic yard capacity, ground drive, standard tow hitch

Mete-R-Matic XL Topdresser-  60” width, pull type, super large 2.25 cubic yard capacity, tow hitch


TriWave 60 Overseeder- 74" width, 4.77 cubic feet capacity, 60" application width, can do up to 3 acres per hour

TriWave 45 Overseeder-  66" width, 3.2 cubic feet capacity, 40" application width, can do about 5, 868 yards/hour at 3 mph

TriWave 60

TriWave 45

Large Area Topdresser/Material Handler

CR15 Large Area Topdresser Material Handler- 4 cubic yard hopper, hydraulic drive, complete with brake system, pin hitch, wide spin spinner attachments

CR7 Large Area Topdresser Material Handler-  1.8 cubic yard hopper, hydraulic drive, heavy duty pin hitch, wide spin spinner attachments and material handler conveyor with swivel


Edgers & Sodcutters

Turfco Edge-R-Rite Edger-  4HP gas engine, self-propelled, complete with right angle blade.

KisCutter Sod Cutter- 5.5HP Honda engine, four-wheel design, pneumatic tires and rear-wheel drive, ​optional 9-inch blade available for curbing


Debris Blower


Torrent 2 Debris Blower- tow behind turf tires, 25HP gas engine with remote chute/throttle control, poly chute, auxiliary controls.

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