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Tee & Green Accessories

There are many products you can order from Standard from greens cups, hole cutters, bunker rakes, flags, flag sticks, paint and much more!

Clink of the link to go directly to their site or see the 2020 catalog. 

Remember: If you place orders in Spring with us you will not have to worry about getting a shipping surcharge. Horst will deliver for free when in your area!

2021 Early Order Tee & Green Program

CONDITIONS:                      Standard Golf & Par Aide Products


                                                Minimum order of $75.00

                                                Order must be placed by May 1st, 2021


DISCOUNTS:                        $75.00 - $699.99 Receive 15% Discount

                                                $700.00 - Over Receive a 21% Discount




TERMS:                                 Payment will be due 30 days after shipment. Delivery is free when our salesmen                                                 travel to your area. Ordering early will ensure you will get your order delivered in

                                                plenty of time for the new season. Discounts will only be given when paying                                                               your invoices by their due date!

To place your order: Call Chelsea at 920-849-2341 or email


Dennis & Greg would be happy to assist you too!!!

New Products!


  • Remove golf balls without damaging the cup.

  • Retriever connects to the bottom of the flagstick with a "snap in place" mechanism.

  • Lift flagstick and golf balls come up with it.

  • Made from a super light, durable polymer.

Price: $5.00 Part# 26550


  • New and improved outer shell for more durability.

  • Added two new grips for proper ergonomics, along with thumb grip added to the back.

  • Telescoping fiberglass pole stretches 6' to 16' 

Price: $49.00 Part# 34300


  • Perfect for small job sites or areas too sensitive for heavierequipment.

  • Uses the same material as our Coco Drag Mat.

  • Comes with a 66" (167 cm) aluminum, straight handle and double twisted gusset for strength.

  • 24" wide x 18" deep

Price: $175.00     Part# 53060

To place an order at any point during the season call Chelsea at 920-849-2341 or email with any questions on pricing. 

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