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Bunker Rakes & Athletic Field Conditioners

Sand-Star Bunker Rakes & Field Conditioners


Sand-Star I 2WD Athletic Field Conditioner--16HP gas engine, hydro-static drive, complete with remote air cleaner, center hydraulic lift attachment kit and regular Pro-Rake rear rake system.

Sand Star II 3WD Athletic Field Conditioner--18HP gas engine, hydro-static drive, complete with front mount plow, center sand cultivator and rear pro-rake.

Sand Star III--Same as Sand-Star II except hydraulic power steering 

Sand-Star I 2WD bunker rake--16HP gas engine, same as above but options not included.

Sand-Star II 2WD bunker rake--16HP gas engine, hydro-static drive, complete with front plow,
rear pro-rake.

Sand-Star III-Power steering, 18HP gas engine, hydro-static 3WD with hydraulic lift center spring tine sand cultivator, and hydraulic lift rear tournament rake system.

Sand-Star Zee- bunkers/baseball/softball field conditioner, 22HP gas engine, twin hydro zero turn prime mower complete with manual lift center scarifier and rear rake system.


Sandstar Zee Demo Video


Sweep Stars

Sweep Star 60-30HP gas engine, 3 cubic yard debris hopper, 60" wide, seat belt, and ROPS

Sweep Star 60 Quad (New)-Self-contained four wheel front mounted engine, and rear mounted high lift debris hopper with 3 cubic yard capacity.

Sweep Star 48-18HP gas engine, 1.6 cubic yard debris hopper, 48" wide,  seat belt, and ROPS

Sweep Star V62-31HP gas engine, 62" sweeping width, electric clutch, 18 1/" diameter 8-blade vacuum fan

Sweep Star V72 PTO & V72-E Engine Big-Vac-31 HP gas engine, 7 cubic yard debris hopper, choice of 72" rubber finger sweeper heads or 72" sweeper/verticut combo

Big Vac
Sweep Star V62
Sweep Star 60
Sweepstar 60 Quad
Sweep Star 48
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Dedicated Spray Vehicles

Spray Stars


Spray Star 1000-25HP Gas engine, 110 gallon tank

Spray Star 1750--31HP Gas engine, 175 gallon tank, stainless steel centrifugal pump

Spray Star 1760-20.5HP gas engine, 176 gallon tank, choice of three different spray control systems, application rates 20-220 gal per acre, 0.5-5 gallon per 1,000 sq. ft.

Spray Star 2000-31HP gas engine or 23.9HP 3-cylinder liquid cooled engine, 200 gallon tank, Raven SCS440 rate control system

Spray Star 3180-35.5HP 4-cylinder liquide cooled diesel engine, 318 gallon tank, power steering, choice of three different spray control systems

NEW-Smithco Star Command System-Save up to 25% on chemicals annually! Click on the link to read more!

Spray Star 1000
Spray Star 1750
Spray Star 2000
Spray Star 3180
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Fairway Rollers

Fairway Roller Ultra 10-Set of 3 rollers outside ones can fold in, 100 gallon water weight capacity, 10ft. wide rolling capacity, optional spike reels or foam marker. 

Sports Ultra 10 Athletic Field Roller-Similar to above but for for athletic fields.

Fairway Roller Ultra 15-5 gang turf roller, with 15ft. rolling swath, hydraulic lift to each roller section

Ultra 10
Ultra 15
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Greens Rollers

XL 70 Greens Roller-16HP gas engine, 70"  rolling width, dual drive pedals

Ultra Lite Greens Roller-9HP Honda engine, dual pedal, direct drive rollers, roller trailer included

Smithco Ultra Tournament Rollers-16HP gas engine, dual pedal control, direct drive rollers, roller trailer complete.

Smithco Double Mow N Go Greens mower trailer with mounting kit.

Ultra Tournament
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Ultra Lite Demo Video

Line Marker

Smithco Super Liner-16HP gas engine, 50 gallon paint tank, unit has the ability to accept grooming / conditioning attachments for baseball field maintenance


Super Liner

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