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Large Rotary Mowers

HR600- Rotary mower with 65HP turbo liquid cooled diesel, 11 foot cutting width, deluxe suspension seat, suretrac 4WD parallel series system, fold-able ROPS.

HR700- Rotary mowing tractor with 65HP turbo liquid cooled Kubota diesel, 14 foot cutting width with deluxe suspension seat, suretrac 4WD parallel-cross series system, fold-able ROPS.

HR800- Rotary mowing tractor 75HP turbo liquid cooled Kubota diesel, 16 foot cutting width with deluxe suspension seat, suretrac 4WD parallel-cross series system, fold-able ROPS.

TurfCat Rotary Mower- Power steering, 25HP liquid cooled diesel engine, suspension seat, 2WD, hydraulic drive deck, 2 post fold-able ROPS.

Small Area Reel Mowers

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Eclipse 322- Greens mower, 3-11 bladed cutting units with grooved front rollers, power steering, grass catchers, headlights, 2 post ROPS. Two options: Electric or Hybrid.

Greens King IV Plus (Gas or Diesel)- Either gas or diesel, and has standard front grooved rollers, catchers, and more!

GP400 (Gas or Diesel)- 11-bladed cutting units with grooved front rollers, power steering, joystick reel controls, grass catchers headlights, 2 post ROPS.

Eclipse 322
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Large Area Reel Mowers

SLF 530- Classic XP Reels 18" reels, Superior slope capability, FlashAttach™ cutting unit mounting system, On-board diagnostics, 3WD or 4WD

LF510- 25HP Diesel engine 7 blade 5” diameter “true set” reels, flash attach reel motors—ROPS system, 100” cutting width. (Available in 2WD or 4WD).

LF550- has a 37.5HP Tier 4 diesel engine, 7 bladed 5” diameter reels, flash attach reel motors—2 post ROPS electronic control of mow speed, standard suspension seat, on board diagnostics

LF570- has a 37.5HP Tier 4 diesel engine, 9 or 11 blade 7” diameter reels, balance of specs as above

LF557/577- 37.5HP liquid cooled diesel engine, 7-22” cutting units with grooved front rollers, 139” cutting width, 2 post ROPS & seat belt, standard suspension seat

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Walking Greensmowers & Hover King

Eclipse 2 (Gas or Electric)- 7, 11 or 15 blade Classic XP reel, regenerative braking, Honda engine, mower speed setting, many available models!

PGM 22- 15-blade Classic XP reel,  InCommand control system, Durable centrifugal clutch, band type brakes, kickstand.

Greens King 500 Series-  InCommand™ control system, Quiet belt drive system, no oils used, Honda engine, standard kick stand.

GK500 Series
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Contour Rotary Mowers

AR331- Kubota engine, AdaptiShift™ technology, three cutting decks, 12 in. of offset and the option to create varying tire patterns, armrest-mounted LCD color control screen

AR522- Kubota engine, 22in. TrimTek contour rotary decks, SureTrac™ 4WD traction, Maintenance free, wet parking brakes

AR722- Kubota engine, TrimTek™ Decks, SureTrac™ 4WD, Foldable ROPS with seatbelt, Air-Ride Suspension Seat, Onboard Control Module with Diagnostic Lights

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Utility Vehicles


Truckster XD (Gas or Diesel)- 3,550lb Vehicle Load Capacity, 23.6-cu-ft Cargo Bed,Optional 4WD

Cushman Hauler 800- 13.5HP Gas Engine, 800-lb Vehicle Load Capacity, 400-lb Bed Load Capacity

Cushman Hauler 4x4 (Gas Diesel)- 2,000lb  Towing Capacity, 1,500lb Vehicle Load Capacity, 1000lb Bed Load Capacity, 3 passengers

Cushman Hauler 1200- 13.5HP Kawasaki gas engine, 1200lb vehicle load capacity, 1500lb towing capacity, 12 cu-ft. cargo bed, and two passenger seat​

Hauler 4x4
Hauler 800
Hauler 1200
Truckster XD
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Aerators & Specialty Mowers

Hover King Hover Mower- Honda gas engine, 16" or 20" cutting width, 3" height of cut, metal edge nylon blade, Lightweight yet extremely durable, padded handle for comfort.

GA580 Aerator- Equipped to core fairways at industry-leading speeds, 70" tractor mount, 8" working depth, perfect strike tine head motion.


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